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Super Reefs

Even the strongest survivors need our help.

The ocean is warming. Coral reefs are dying.

But there is hope.

500 million people worldwide depend on coral reefs for their survival.

We are discovering reefs across the tropics that can survive warming. And we're looking for more.

They are super reefs.

Below are a few we've already found.

Photo by Mark Kenworthy via Flickr
Rock Island, Palau
Dongsha Atoll
Dongsha Atoll
Racha Noi, Thailand
Racha Noi, Thailand
Kanton, Phoenix Islands
Kanton, Phoenix Islands

Science tells us other super reefs exist.
We need to find them and protect them.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has teamed up Stanford University and The Nature Conservancy, and we're collaborating with the United Nations, Government of Kiribati, Polynesian Leaders Group, Conservation International, National Geographic, and Pangaea Exploration to do just that.

Watch. Listen. Learn.

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Anne Cohen discusses super reefs with Greg Stone

Some super reefs are already protected, but others are not. To ensure a future for all corals, the strongest survivors need our help.